Studying and Revising for Exams in Medical School

Learning & Education
54 mins
May 17, 2021
ep. 31
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In this episode we talk about the process of learning and revision with a focus on medical school exams. In particular, we discuss the roles of discipline, self-awareness, and natural fluctuations in focus during our study routines.

  • The pomodoro technique
  • Maximising the utility of the pomodoro techniqe
  • Making studying habits
  • Being aware of how you’re taking in information
  • When should you write-off a day or take a few days off?
  • Being aware of ultradian cycles throughout the day and using them to your advantage
  • How the 3 nights of sleep after learning something is incredibly important
  • The pitfalls of hyperspecialising
  • The differences in the UK and US medical school teaching directions

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Subaan is currently a 5th year medical student, motion designer, and an avid rabbit hole explorer. At the moment, he’s taking a break from his studies to explore avenues outside of Medicine, mostly software engineering and tech. He has keen interests in lifestyle design, technology, investing, and metabolic health. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

Dan is a final year medical student, pianist, and random fact connoisseur. He spends most of his time learning about languages, playing sports, music, and geopolitics. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

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